Justin W. Tull

Wrestlings, Wonders, and Wanderers! book cover

Wrestlings, Wonders and Wanderers!

In this book based on the First Lesson texts of the Common Lectionary for the Sundays after Pentecost (Cycle A), Dr. Tull examines some of the most familiar and rich texts of the Old Testament, exploring stories surrounding Abram, Isaac, Jacob, Esau, and Moses. These texts are as relevant as today's latest blog and markedly more hopeful and helpful. Their stories and images are overflowing with insights into human nature and the mysterious workings of God in our world. In them one discovers a myriad of human struggles, the wonders of God's presence and power and the adventuresome journey required of the people of God.

Quotes from the book:

The call of God “is not a call to status and favor, not to privilege and honor. It is not a call to amass blessings for ourselves but to be a part of a kingdom where God's master plan unfolds. . .the blessing of all his children.”

“On our journey as we fall into the pit or as we climb higher and higher to get a glimpse of God, we should not be surprised to discover that ‘Behold, the God of Jacob is already with us.'”

“As we struggle with life, we need not quit. We have the presence and power of God to see us through. So hang in, hold on, hang tough. A blessing is on its way.”

“What will we seek: protection from strangers or the strangers themselves? Do not even be surprised if the stranger you welcome has an accent that betrays him; I believe he's from Galilee.”

What do you want to do with your talents? Put them alongside of others and weep or put them next to need and serve?”

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