Surviving and Thriving in Ministry

Surviving and Thriving in Ministry shares the poignant stories and rich insights that shaped the author's life and enriched his ministry. These ‘life lessons' did more than simply improve his ministerial effectiveness, they were often the difference between bitterness and forgiveness, isolation and community, burnout and renewal. Many of these insights came with an ample share of negative fallout. The author's intent in sharing his unique take on ministerial life is that readers might claim these 'lessons' as their own—and do so earlier in their journey and without all the personal struggle. His hope for those who answer the call to ministry is not that they merely survive all the pressures, distractions, and struggles that come with the job, but that they are able to sustain, in the very midst of ministry, a sense of meaning, purpose, and passion.

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Interim Ministry: Positive Change in Times of Transition


“Dr. Justin Tull has written the best book I've seen to help ministers navigate the critical waters of ministry. The topics are spot on. His personal examples go to the heart of crucial issues. The practical suggestions and well-focused questions for personal reflections will equip clergy to survive and thrive in ministry. This is a must read for seminarians and ministers early in their careers…and for seasoned pastors as well.”
Terry Parsons, Ph.D., D. Min, Psychotherapist, United Methodist minister.

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