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For the past 15 years Dr. Tull has been leading seminars and classes using his books. Listed below is a description of each of these offerings.
Seminar leaders may text (972-821-1817) or email (justinwtull@gmail.com) Dr. Tull with any questions concerning the materials or lesson plans.

New Faith Formation Series

Each book in the series has a detailed study guide in the back of the book.
The seminar can cover the eight reflections in eight weeks using 30-45 minute time frame or cover two reflections each session (hour and a half) for a total of 4 weeks (author preference).
Reflections on God Reflections on God, the first book of a three-part faith formation series, is a collection of biblical reflections that attempts to capture the essential elements of God's nature. It explores the following issues:
  • One's search for God
  • The effect of culture on our theology
  • God's role in both blessings and human suffering
  • The nature of God
  • The identity of Jesus
  • Whether Christianity is the only way to salvation
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Reflections on Daily Living Reflections on Daily Living, the second book of the faith formation series, focuses on the distractions, trials, seductions, and challenges of daily life and points to ways a Christian can navigate through such encounters. These reflections address some of the most basic struggles and aspirations of human existence:
  • Why is there suffering?
  • How do I show love?
  • How do I avoid the rat race?
  • Can I accept the mind, body, and spirit that God has given me?
  • How can I discover the best use of my talents?
  • How do I avoid rampant self-interest?
  • How do I cope with the basic vulnerability of life?
  • How can I learn to let go of burdens and hindrances?
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Reflections on the Christian Faith Reflections on the Christian Faith, the final book in the faith formation series, attempts to share basic religious teachings that are central to a Christian's religious life:
  • What the Bible isn't and what it is.
  • How are we to use the Bible?
  • How might we understand salvation?
  • How might we approach prayer?
  • What are essential elements of worship?
  • How might we understand communion anew?
  • What are the marks of a good disciple?
  • How might we understand death and resurrection?
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Other Seminars

Christmas Journeys

Advent Study

Writer Justin Tull invites you into two worlds: the biblical world of the nativity, rich with its diverse supporting cast and the modern world packed with busy pilgrims in search of Christmas joy. This book offers the possibility of two different studies or a combination of both. The ancient story invites you to meet a peasant girl named Mary, a common carpenter named Joseph, some scruffy shepherds and the so-called wise men. The modern story features the journeys of an unlikely trio: Linda, who has every reason to be happy, but feels a nagging emptiness; Stuart, a Viet-Nam vet, who wrestles mightily with poverty and guilt; and Vivian, whose battle with grief has left her weary and alone. Can these three find new joy in the warm embrace of friendship and in the rebirth of faith and hope? Their journeys tell the story.

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Why God Why?

Why God, Why? Seminar

Dr. Tull's book was selected to be a part of the Protestant Pulpit Exchange Series by Abingdon Press. This series was created to help teach ministers how to preach on various themes. Why God Why? addresses the issue of human tragedy and the age-old question of why a loving God allows suffering to visit God's children. Tull's book is the Christian equivalent of Kushner's book When Bad Things Happen to Good People. It also addresses the same issues as those explored in William Young's The Shack. Dr. Tull encourages one to examine God's eternal presence in times of blessed joy as well as during sorrow and suffering, and offers scripture and anecdotes to illustrate God's comfort and grace during all situations of life.

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