Justin W. Tull





Why God Why? Seminar

Why God Why? Sermons on the Problem of Pain is a series of thirteen sermons, all dealing with such issues as death, tragedy, injustice, hard times, and criticism—and our responses to such challenges in life. A 58 page study guide is now available to provide help in planning and implementing a seminar or program on the book. In the introduction to the study guide I give my purpose for both the book and the companion study guide:

The main purpose for offering this study guide is to provide a means of exploring theinsights of the book, Why God Why?  within a group context.  By inviting healthy dialogue and the sharing of personal stories, the study sessions promise to enhance an individual’s theological understanding while providing an environment of mutual empathy and support.  Hopefully, this dynamic will enable the participants to face the inevitable occurrences of tragedy, injustice, and human suffering with courage and a triumphant spirit.”

Other Seminar and Program Topics Include:

  • Paradigm Passages: Grounding our Theology in the Biblical Faith
  • An Introduction to Theology: The Do’s and Don’ts of Theologizing
  • The Sermon of the Mount: A Blueprint for Living
  • Living the Love Chapter: Lessons from 1st Corinthians 13
  • Dangerous Pursuits: A Modern-day Version of the Seven Deadly Sins
  • Inclusive or Exclusive Christianity?
  • The Bible: What It Isn’t and What It Is!
  • Christmas Journeys: Finding Joy along the Way (Great Advent Study)