Dr. Tull has been certified as an associate certified coach by the International Coach Federation. He has also served as clergy coach for the Healthy Church Initiative.

Justin W. Tull

Justin Tull


Dr. Tull has a Doctor of Ministry degree in preaching and currently teaches course of study pastors in Oklahoma and Texas using his own text, Vital Preaching.


Dr. Tull is certified as a Transitional Intentional Interim Ministry Specialist. His book, Interim Ministry: Positive Change in Times of Transition, is a detailed case study of two of his interim appointments.


Dr. Tull has published nine books:
Reflections on God
Reflections on Daily Living
Reflections on the Christian Faith
Christmas Journeys
Why God, Why?
Wrestlings, Wonders, and Wanderers
Surviving and Thriving in Ministry
Interim Ministry
Vital Preaching


Dr. Tull uses his books for seminars complete with the study guides in the back of the book. These seminars include an Advent Study, a seminar on suffering, and a three-part faith formation series.